4 Things An Employee Needs From Their Immediate Team Leader

A consistent and compelling performance ethos, day-to-day focus, an engaged workforce, and a sense of belonging all draw heavily on four leadership domains.

Where are we heading? How will the business environment evolve? Where and how is technology going to change the business? What will tomorrow look, sound and feel like? What is our unique point of differentiation? Who is tomorrow's customer?

The head.

A cadence, a rhythm, a regular and continuing pattern of behaviour where the agreed outcomes and feedback regarding those outcomes are always in sharp focus.

It's about an organisation that, by way of design, is agile enough to support tomorrow's needed speed of delivery. In performance terms, it's the need for everyone on the team to know where they stand.

The hand.

Mentoring, coaching, stretch, building the team, a focus on learning how to learn. Currency in the job market.

The heart.

Consistent, authentic, affirming, displays humility, keeps people informed, is tough-minded when they need to be and, regardless of the circumstances, they listen … really listen.

The spirit.

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Managing From The Outside-In. Leading From The Inside-Out

The harder the wind blows the more important it is that a successful business operate from a solid foundation. Mastery in technology is obviously a given … as is the continued drive to get ahead of the innovation curve. How solid is the business platform you are operating from? Will your business stand firm or will the winds of change sweep you away? Think about the following leadership questions.

Managing from the outside-in

  • Does your team fully understand the ways in which continued disruption, the speed of change, ongoing globalisation and meta-changes in technology will change the way your customers do business? Think globally; don’t fall into the trap of focusing on what's happening locally. Are you fully equipped to work with customers who are faced with the need to reinvent their business?
  • Can you clearly describe where your business is heading? What specifically does success look like five years from now? If you can't imagine it, you won't create it.
  • Your suppliers, business partners and customers know what you do and how you do it but do they know why you do it? In a great business the why is invariably more important than the what.
  • Is the business environment changing faster than your capability as a business? If that is the case … your future is dictated by what you have done in the past. What are you doing now that you were not doing two years ago? Doing what you have always done is the perfect way to enter a world of mediocrity.
  • On your team, do you have the technical expertise, agility, leadership reach and delivery ethic to meet emerging customer expectations? When digital direction defines success, are you playing catch up or are you ahead of the game? Do you have the talent to compete with the best of the competition? What's the worst thing the competition can do? Do it first!

Leading from the inside-out

  • The world is changing, the competition is changing, the customer is changing – in what ways are those on your team changing? How resilient are those on your team? How and in what ways do they invest in personal growth? Seminars, reading habits, access to an outstanding coach? Leaders are readers.
  • Do you measure (in easy to understand business terms) the culture you have … and the culture you need to be successful tomorrow? From our own research – less than 20% of organisations manage their culture. The speed at which markets are changing means that strategy is, at best, a work in progress. The inevitable outcome? Culture has primacy. Long after your strategy has been shredded what will still have currency is your culture. Meanwhile, you can't manage what you can't measure.
  • Do those in leadership roles, in your part of the business, truly inspire?
  • Are your core business competencies the basis of a world-class business? Do your core competencies introduce a conversation where the customer wants to partner with you more than you want to work with them?
  • Are your organisation's values clear? Do those on your team live those values? Evidence?
  • Do you have a world-class team … or a collection of talented individuals who meet regularly to solve problems? What will it take for that team to move to the next level?
  • Is the difference between cooperation fully appreciated? What more needs to be done to build a more collaborative culture?
  • At in-house meetings, do people bring candour to the table? What are you doing to build "psychological safety?"
  • Is leadership succession in place? How and in what ways are you "testing" that successor? "Test" implies stretch, challenge and generally uncovering what he/she is truly capable of. Are you equipped to succeed into the role you currently hold, three years from now?
  • Is coaching alive and well inside the business? If you can't coach, you can't lead! If you want to retain the services of the millennials in your business make coaching a way of life.
  • Do you have an attraction and/or retention problem? Why do your best people stay? Do you think you know, or do you really know? What are you deliberately doing more of, working to stop doing and about to start doing … to retain those you need the most? If you can't quickly and easily describe your retention agenda, you ain't doing much!

Insights from "If It Can Be Digitalised, It Will Be Digitalised" (PDF), Orxestra Inc., © 2018

As passionate experts in the executive search and leadership consulting industry we build leadership teams for our clients every day. Learn more about TRANSEARCH International and our wide-ranging approach to leadership acquisition and management assessment.

Why It All Comes Back To Company Culture

Recruiters are working over-time to meet the demands of companies that cut back during the global outbreak, and which now are overly reliant on too few steady performers who have been pushed very hard for too long.

As the global economy ramps up, professionals across a wide swath of industry spaces and management job functions are finding once again that they have good options to consider a career move, and more of them are again exploring what’s possible with other employers.

Yet companies planning on the same approach to employee retention may find themselves on the wrong side of the talent market pendulum shift.

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The Psychedelic Medicine Renaissance: A Movement Looking For The Right Leaders

In the cresting Psychedelic Medicine industry, it will fall to a particular quality of leader to keep things trending upwards and marching forward, while avoiding potential and predictable hazards.

So, what are some of the qualities that will distinguish the leaders we need? What type of person can help turn the growing interest in Psychedelic Medicine into an era-defining industry?

Here is a list of the five top core competencies required in psychedelic medicine industry leaders.

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Leadership, Learning and Agility: The Way Of The Dolphin

Elegant, highly intelligent, fast, and adaptive, the dolphin represents a powerful metaphor for today's leadership; an apt descriptor for an individual capable of moving, as needed, across all three of the territories (T1 - instruction, T2 - exploration, T3 - play).

The dolphin seeks collaboration, looks to improve effectiveness by impacting the total system, and strives to expand rather than exploit its natural boundaries. The difference is most clearly identified in how a dolphin creates a powerbase. The dolphin asks a new question.

Apart from speed and elegance, the dolphin has a number of natural assets that makes it the true master of its environment. Comfortable swimming in harmony with others, it can communicate across all three territories. Dolphins respond to signals of concern in an empathetic and caring way.

The dolphin is quickly identifiable by its ability to traverse the water available - even expand the size of the pool. The language of the dolphin is rich and compelling. The dolphin uses words to paint a picture not merely of the way things are, but the way things need to be. Through rich and vibrant imagery they create tomorrow in the room, today.

A master of language and story, the dolphin's metaphors are inclusive, often encompassing humour and drawing examples from nature to reframe perception. The dolphin is also comfortable swimming at any depth and, with one thrust from its powerful tail, can move from the surface to the bottom of the pool and be equally comfortable - be it organizational level, dealing with concepts, international exposure, and/or involvement in operations.

In that they put the needs of others first, trust is the abiding contribution that a dolphin brings to selling, the team, and building a constituency. A dolphin defines success in terms of value creation and lasting partnerships. What do we need to do to build a long-term relationship? Successful business development is predicated on building a value proposition focusing on where the customer will be and not where it's perceived that they currently are.

The dolphin invariably reaches out and asks to be coached - by another dolphin! The dolphin is perceptive and, with exceptional powers of hearing, is quick to identify the needs of others. The dolphin responds to problems by reframing the context, creating strategic opportunities, encouraging diversity, building the team, and welcoming constructive conflict as an opportunity to generate new ideas. All this is performed with elegance and speed of action.

Insights from "Leadership, Learning and Agility: The Way Of The Dolphin (PDF)".

As passionate experts in the executive search and leadership consulting industry we build leadership teams for our clients every day. Learn more about TRANSEARCH International and our wide-ranging approach to leadership acquisition and management assessment.

The Challenge for Global Leaders and Learners

The challenge for global leaders and learners (those terms should almost be synonymous) is to learn how to adapt to changing business currents and how to selectively engage the experience and insights that have served us well in the past while embracing new knowledge and a new sense of open-mindedness for whatever comes next.

Part of this new playbook for professional and managerial growth is to make some well thought out investments in the next generation of leaders who may, sooner perhaps than you might have previously imagined, be successors to some of the most pivotal roles in your enterprise. Perhaps even yours!

You see, mentoring, encouraging and acting to promote promising younger stars in our modern-day, highly interconnected global organisations is not only part of the chemistry for future growth we need to achieve ambitious goals, but also the means through which we see business opportunities through a different lens and build the internal support for seizing them.

Insights from "Providing Opportunities for Next Generation Leaders".

As passionate experts in the executive search and leadership consulting industry we build leadership teams for our clients every day. Learn more about TRANSEARCH International and our wide-ranging approach to leadership acquisition and management assessment.

Healthcare Business Outlook, Workplace, Culture and Leadership Trends

In the summer of 2020, Bedford Group Transearch, the leader in executive healthcare talent solutions, surveyed companies to gain perspective regarding their business outlook, workplace insights, culture and leadership trends, emerging from the Covid crisis. Polling executives from North America Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device/Technology and Healthcare Services, the following provides a summary of key results.

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The Culture Conversation

TRANSEARCH International held "The Culture Conversation" webinar on the 8th July 2020.

Culture isn't an end in itself. It is a container for diversity. It both frames and supports the organisation's value proposition. It is the bedrock of a great brand. It is 'the engine' that drives change. It's what separates a great company from the rest of the pack. The greater the change, the more an organisation's culture has to reflect the new reality. Simply put, organisation culture and the leadership challenge implied, is more relevant at this moment than ever.

Leading the webinar was John O. Burdett, who has worked in over 40 countries as an executive and as a consultant for businesses that are household names. He has worked on and continues to work on leadership development and organization culture for some of the world's largest corporations.

For more information please visit www.transearch.com or contact your local TRANSEARCH Consultant.

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