Bedford/TRANSEARCH Hybrid Workplace Whitepaper 2021

Remote work is here to stay. Wherever you fall on the Venn diagram of attitudes to the remote office, that much we can agree on.

Whether our instincts are to push back on it, lean into it, or dance around the edges — that cat is out of the bag. Going forward, every organisation will have to contend with at least one singular, intractable market reality — a workforce that knows just how much is achievable and sustainable from one end of a Zoom conference or Slack group.

Executive leaders are going to have to navigate this reality and accept that the right way forward may look like nothing we've ever seen before.

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What Grit Looks Like In The Post-Pandemic Leader

People, more than ever, want to see their values reflected in the missions they sign on for. And they have an expectation that the organisational mission will include a reciprocal investment in them. From a stoic perspective, these attitudes could be interpreted as lacking grit. But that would be a reductive take.

With a workforce now populated by four distinct generational sensibilities, leaders will need to arrive at a more nuanced understanding of what it means to persevere, find purpose and stoke passions - in effect, getting a grip on the new paradigm of grit.

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Location, Location, Location - Not Anymore

The pandemic has accelerated trends as nothing else could. We are experiencing a dramatic, systemic, and permanent change in many areas of life, particularly in our workforce. Chris Swan peers into the future to explore what we might expect:

  • The sweeping change of in-office employment
  • Impact on immigration and education
  • Leaders the future demands
  • The future is brighter than you think

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Have Work Boundaries Blurred During the Pandemic?

Globally we have learned so much about adapting to a new way of working. Who had MS Teams loaded on all their devises before we locked down? Who had Zoom as a most used app?

Our flexibility in doing business has tested our creativity and our ability to find solutions.

Have work boundaries blurred during the pandemic? Is this causing burnout? Is it time to discuss the new etiquette around availability and working hours?

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Human Capital as an Asset

"The devastating labour-market impact of the pandemic and the need for governments to step in and provide extensive support have made it clear that a financially incentivized business model driven by short-term wins no longer works; public and media focus on how companies manage their human capital resources is intensifying."

This report from the World Economic Forum seeks to provide a human capital accounting framework that values talent as a key asset to contribute to an organisation's sustained value creation.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 4.0

"Successful organisations are powered by the diverse opinions, skill sets and life experiences of their employees. To tap into the full potential of human diversity, organisations need to hire diverse talent and create an inclusive working culture underpinned by a fundamental sense of belonging, fairness and equity, enabling people to bring their 'full self' to work."

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