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Beyond Collaboration: "Co-tangle" » (PDF)

Cooperation is indispensable, collaboration is essential but in reinventing the very nature of what it means to be an organisation - as we must - there is a case to be made to add a new metaphor to our vocabulary. It's tough to achieve something that you don't have a word for.

Entanglement is an intriguing metaphor. It captures, in some ways, the new challenge of smart and unbridled connectability … of one element in the system impacting other parts of the system without those involved fully understanding how. Except, as a term, it is way too esoteric, way too bizarre to have any real currency.

John Burdett suggests an alternative, one that builds on the notion of entanglement but without the unfathomable implications. To Cooperate … To Collaborate … To 'Co-tangle'.

Beyond Collaboration: "Co-tangle" »

Tips for Winning Talent in the Era of Disruption »

David Wongso, MD TRANSEARCH International Indonesia, recently spoke with SWA Magazine on 'Ways to Win Talent in the Era of Disruption'. David notes how in this era of disruption many workforce skills are becoming irrelevant, and that the rate of change is getting faster. He highlights that leadership development and talent acquisition agendas must tackle the mismatch of skills and be directly managed by the C-suite and board of directors.

"The board of directors must ensure that leadership development and talent acquisition work effectively. Do not let the two agendas be entrusted to the level below but not be controlled."

Tips for Winning Talent in the Era of Disruption »

Leadership Consulting | TRANSEARCH International »

TRANSEARCH's consulting solutions are delivered by highly experienced professionals who have access to research-based intellectual property, methodologies and cutting-edge tools. Leadership Consulting is a global practice, offering consulting in several areas including:

  • CEO & Top Team Effectiveness
  • Succession Planning
  • High Potential Identification
  • Leadership Development/Coaching
  • Leadership Assessment during M & A

Leadership Consulting | TRANSEARCH International »

Coaching the CEO » (PDF)

Coaching is a given in virtually every form of endeavour where excellence is the benchmark of success. However, research suggests that only about one-third of CEOs receive formal coaching. Coaching mastery draws on a robust coaching model, meaningful executive experience, cultural relevance, interpersonal sensitivity and mental agility. John Burdett explains the benefits of coaching and presents a 'Coaching the CEO' template.

Coaching the CEO »

Future-Oriented Leadership Competencies: Today's Talent Management Lynchpin » (PDF)

To lead is to be in the people business - present and future. Talent management generally, and talent acquisition more specifically, are strategic. How do we define the qualities that shape the leadership we need? How do we start to create tomorrow's leadership today? John Burdett outlines the linchpin role that (the right) leadership competencies play in transforming talent management into a competitive advantage.

Future-Oriented Leadership Competencies: Today's Talent Management Lynchpin »

The mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs »

"With this article, we set out to show which mindsets and practices are proven to make CEOs most effective. It is the fruit of a long-running effort to study performance data on thousands of CEOs, revisit our firsthand experience helping CEOs enhance their leadership approaches, and extract a set of empirical, broadly applicable insights on how excellent CEOs think and act."

The mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs »

Talent Acquisition - The Battle For Tomorrow » (PDF)

Recruitment has always been a battleground of sorts. Three issues combine to make it evermore so:

  • Scarcity - the ever-increasing difficulty and, indeed, frustration of uncovering talent.
  • Talent acquisition is part of a wider talent management system and if the other elements in the system (e.g., leadership development, coaching, performance management, a culture that supports team effectiveness) are poorly thought through, excellence in the actual hiring process is quickly lost.
  • In a world unfolding faster than it ever has in human history, recruitment is, and must be, strategic.

Discover how to make talent acquisition a competitive advantage.

Talent Acquisition - The Battle For Tomorrow »