StrAgility - Culture Assessment

Conventional wisdom suggests that culture follows strategy. The dilemma: in a world where strategy is persistently under attack "the plan" has to be constantly revisited. The new dictum: culture enables strategy. What endures, what provides the platform for growth, what shapes future performance, what enables different strategic scenarios to unfold, is culture.

The challenge, of course, is not merely to possess a strong culture but to build a business environment that shapes how people act and, at the same time, supports emerging strategic scenarios. In a fluid and rapidly-changing business environment both clarity and flexibility are demanded.

The online StrAgility Culture Assessment explores culture in your organisation in terms of both strength (leadership, communication and teamwork) and agility (the customer's voice, talent management, and challenge the status quo) as a means to: 1) assess today's culture; 2) enter into the culture conversation with a view to take culture to the next level; 3) assess "culture fit" when bringing someone new onto the team.

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Seven Fundamental Questions For Coming Out Of This Crisis Stronger

With "StrAgility" providing an ever-present prompt, coming out of this crisis stronger is initiated by seven fundamental questions:

  1. What strategic imperatives define future success?
  2. What culture do we have today (roots)? What culture do we need tomorrow (wings) to maintain/add to our competitive position?
  3. What makes us special? What core business competency or unique capability can we ill-afford to dilute or lose? What supports our value proposition that is sacrosanct?
  4. What technology shortfalls do we need to address? Where could we employ technology to give us an immediate competitive advantage?
  5. Where and in what ways do we need to become more agile?
  6. Moving forward, what leadership strengths are we able to build on? What succession concerns have emerged as a result of this crisis?
  7. As we start to create tomorrow's organization today, are we meeting the needs of all of our stakeholders?

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