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From Lockdown to Permanent Uncertainty. Guidance for Managers and Employees

The March 2020 lockdown was difficult, but we knew it was going to end. The current situation, on the other hand, has characteristics of indeterminacy that require a medium- to long-term approach. The main changes will have to be at the managerial level but, at the same time, companies will have to think about how to help their employees be effective and motivated whilst remote working over a prolonged period of time.

As we all experience remote working in different ways it is important to ensure that work from home moves from "remote" to becoming truly "smart" and that a response to the current situation produces value for all stakeholders. In this video, Dr. Cristina Brusati and Gabriele Ghini discuss two-dimensional leadership and how to evaluate the ability of individuals to effectively manage smart remote working. Video in Spanish.

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