A Mentally Healthy Environment Is A Business Imperative For Inclusion

The 10th of October, was World Mental Health Day. The reality is that we have never before seen as many individuals openly discussing their mental health challenges and there has been significant progress gained in the de-stigmatization and normalisation of Mental Health challenges within society and the workplace.

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Inclusion In The Post-COVID Workplace

This latest article from the Executive Talent magazine by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants asks, "Going forward, how can C-level executives best ensure cultures of inclusion in the post-COVID workplace, and in turn, best attract and retain top talent?"

"Thought leaders, executives, government entities and researchers have published, persuaded and pleaded the clear case for inclusion. Change has been slow despite the data-driven case for inclusion, but the numbers speak for themselves."

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Bedford/TRANSEARCH Hybrid Workplace Whitepaper 2021

Remote work is here to stay. Wherever you fall on the Venn diagram of attitudes to the remote office, that much we can agree on.

Whether our instincts are to push back on it, lean into it, or dance around the edges — that cat is out of the bag. Going forward, every organisation will have to contend with at least one singular, intractable market reality — a workforce that knows just how much is achievable and sustainable from one end of a Zoom conference or Slack group.

Executive leaders are going to have to navigate this reality and accept that the right way forward may look like nothing we've ever seen before.

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