Seed Your Re-invention

Losing a job or losing fit due to decline in an industry can be difficult, but these developments can also help seed your re-invention. Your severance pay can fuel this ambition, and you can use skills that perhaps were not necessary for your past role to leverage your future success. You get to decide how to strategize this and how to spin it. Change gives you the chance to see your experience, skill set and goals from a different vantage point. That’s empowering. Use the momentum.

When HR professionals are reviewing materials to assess potential fit, they look to see if you have experience enacting the functions they need. If they are looking for a PR specialist or a licensed mechanical engineer, they are likely to recruit candidates who have done the job. If the setting is different but the competencies are the same, that often bodes well for fit.

It may be a cultural shift, but you can tell the story of how being a change agent is a comfortable role for you, once you’re ready to embrace again.

Insights from "How To Transition Into A New Industry" by John Ryan.

The most trying of times tests the leadership mettle of individual executives like no other

The hard truth is that the most trying of times tests the leadership mettle of individual executives like no other. It is what we do, how we share tough messages and what we stand for that will etch the real culture of the organisation into the minds of others.

Learning who you are - and demonstrating what you stand for, and what you will stand against - is as important a virtue as they come. To know one's own potential, you must know where you will draw the line in good times and bad, and how you will conduct yourself so that others will be willing to follow you.

Insights from "Taking A Stand When Character Matters Most".