Building Lasting Corporate Strategy In A Short-Term World

Too many business leaders are focused almost exclusively on the here and now, the short-term, and the next quarterly report to shareholders.

Too many organisations have little to no institutional memory and further confound that condition by failing to prepare for the transfer of institutional knowledge to a new generation of leaders.

Too few leaders are focused on the long-term.

Yet, while lingering economic uncertainty has forced many short-term decisions, at the heart of corporate strategy is a commitment to do what's right for the organisation - be it measured in financial or human capital terms - over the long run, measured over a period of years. The essentials of organisational culture and consumer value, after all, are measured over decades, not minutes nor even months.

As the question of global sustainability grows ever more closer to corporate balance sheets, corporate strategy must also be sustainable. Given the complex business, societal, government and natural challenges standing in the way of progress and growth, there is no room for short-termism.

Decisions today, if they are made with corporate strategy and sustainable value in mind, should be felt years from now and measured in business gains and investor confidence over the long run.

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