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Allowing Yourself To See With New Perspective

It would be understandable, and maybe even predictable, if we begin to wonder whether what we know, what we have learned and how it all applies in today's business environment still matters in a world that has seen so much change and disruption in such a short amount of time.

While it would be easy to get lost in the business or general news headlines of our times, we should pause and consider where we have been and where we may need to go to play to our strengths as executives and as leaders of people.

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Leading with Purpose: The New Organisational Advantage

Companies that are winning the war for talent are providing meaning, value and purpose to their teams and their stakeholders. John Ryan, US Regional Vice President for TRANSEARCH International, contributes his valuable expertise to this insightful article by AESC.

"Talent will make choices that reflect their values."

"In some regional markets and in some industries, unemployment isn't 3%. It's 2%. It's that tight. So there is a war for talent, and talent cares where it works and it cares about how it's treated."

"Individuals who make a career transition care quite a bit about an employer's brand. Some of the things that people look for include paternity leave, work hour flexibility, the ability to work remotely or work around children's sporting and school events. People will ask us whether the company promotes all individuals, regardless of gender, ethnicity and so forth."

"I do a lot of recruiting in renewable energy. There are a lot of companies, for example, Google, that are really driving a clean energy, carbon neutral energy strategy, and it comes from the top. The people who run Google actually care about sustainability. It's not an economic decision, but an ethical and authentic decision to try to be carbon neutral. It's Google, and who doesn't want to work at Google? But that's the kind of thing that makes a company like Google an employer of choice, if somebody has options. And top talent always has options."

"Executives look very carefully and very intently at the employer brand of the company. If the company has a brand for treating its employees well, adding in special amenities like onsite daycare, flex hours, working from home, paternity leave, and some other things that are family friendly, these things really do become part of the brand of the company. And that might separate a company like Patagonia or Nike from a Merrill Lynch or GE. With successively younger generations, there is also a rising demand with respect to social responsibility."

"It's also easier now to leave a toxic culture or a brand people don't believe in. It's harder to hold onto really talented people. If you're not treating them well, and if there are hypocritical elements in your culture that they can't stomach, people will just leave."

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A Reckoning for Companies and Global Leaders Alike

Whatever your view of the future, trust that others are seeking answers to new, worrisome challenges and may well come to you for insight, encouragement and a reason to believe in the future.

Listen, learn and think about how you are being called to lead in difficult times. Your resolve to lead others to a brighter future will boost your confidence and define your legacy as a leader, too.

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How working from home works out

Nicholas Bloom details several recurring themes from recent surveys covering working from home and the impact of on business and public policy.

"There's no real going back, and that means policymakers and business leaders need to plan and prepare so workers and firms are not sidelined by otherwise avoidable problems. With a thoughtful approach to a post-pandemic world, working from home can be a change for good."

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4 Ways We Might Draw Momentum From The Current Crisis

This is a time of change, an opportunity for growth. Here is how we might use the momentum to better ourselves and our work:

  1. Redefining ourselves - The chance to look inward, to ask ourselves hard questions, to reflect on our personal beliefs about equity and justice. The companies we lead and elevate with talent should be companies we are proud to represent.
  2. Embracing flexibility - If our culture is well constructed, it will travel with our employees. A culture that is flexible and incorporates remote work is a positive option. It demonstrates open and evolved thinking when it comes to employer branding.
  3. Better understanding ourselves as employees - Embracing digital innovation and adapting to a remote culture has a range of benefits. If employees feel more comfortable and have more flexibility in their work, perhaps their chance of thriving is greater.
  4. Creating better culture - 2020 has been a deconstructive year. It is uncomfortable but presents a chance to recalibrate and rebuild. How we use this experience will propel our culture into 2021.

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Five Principles For Successfully Navigating Through A Crisis

"Beyond digital transformation, my hope is that business leaders will continue to understand the importance of advance planning, leading with humility and perspective, supporting their employees through obstacles, fostering two-way communication, and ultimately empowering their teams to strive towards a common purpose or goal."

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A Reckoning for Companies and Global Leaders Alike

"No matter where you work, the impacts of COVID-19 and intensifying calls for social equality and justice have created new expectations of global corporations and international business leaders.

This reckoning in public health, political, social and economic terms will require global business leaders to see the world around them more differently than ever before. Therefore, it is time to really think about how we reset policies and practices to support equality and fairness."

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