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A good interviewer will be very clear about the results expected from a position. They will evaluate as objectively as possible if a candidate is the one for that challenge. Cristian Duarte, TRANSEARCH Chile, explains how providing 'evidence, evidence, evidence' of past performance demonstrates the connections between your CV and your achievement history. Article in Spanish.

Opinion. The effective job interview: evidence, evidence, evidence

There is one fact of life that is impossible to ignore - tomorrow will be (very) different. More specifically, the rate of change is getting faster - and about to get much faster. It is a matter of adapt or perish.

Flexibility, a flatter structure, enhanced freedom to act, and a laser-like business focus represent part of the answer. Being faster, however, is ultimately all about how people learn.

In this excerpt from the book 'The A–Z of Organization Culture', John Burdett explains why the speed of learning is quickly becoming the ultimate competitive advantage, and presents several innovative ways of introducing effective learning experiences into your organisation.

Speed of Learning: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage (PDF)