Key Dimensions To Focus On In Disruptive Times

A recent TRANSEARCH survey among C-Level leaders regarding their experiences and priorities in a shift to the "new normal" identified four key dimensions to focus on in disruptive times:

  1. Culture - The adaptation to the "new normal" is reflected in the importance of corporate culture & the understanding of leadership.
  2. Leadership - Servant leadership will be the "new normal": trust, empathy and resilience and the ability to lead virtual teams will be key. Leading virtual teams needs a different skillset.
  3. Transformation - Successful transformation projects require a holistic roadmap, an agile organizational set-up, the alignment of purpose, tools and clear rules.
  4. Innovation - Innovative strength is generally regarded as an indicator of future competitiveness. Therefore, you should hire the smartest people in system-critical positions and let them tell you what to do. Listen well!

The four key dimensions can be tackled successfully with a strategic HR management positioned at C-Level.

Importance of the four dimensions plus enablers:

  • Dimensions
    1. Adapt the culture to the new necessities.
    2. Improve leadership competencies.
    3. Transform processes to enable remote efficiency.
    4. Innovate with a focus on customer success.
  • Enablers
    1. Install strategic HR management.
    2. Recruit and retain the smartest people for key positions.

TRANSEARCH provides a platform to its network of C-Level leaders for discussions on how to come out of the crisis stronger. For further information about the survey or discussion platform please get in touch with Dr. Carlo Mackrodt or Dr. Stefan Schwaenzl.

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