In disruptive times, the power comes from people

Eric Schmidt speaks about the dizzying speed of disruption, as well as how to nurture and position people for the greater good of organisations and society.

"When I think about how we're going to solve the problems ahead of us, the answer is people. We need to acknowledge how powerful people are, particularly those who are willing to take risks and drive societal change."

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Diversity is the bridge on which we can cross the skills gap

"Ask business leaders today the biggest business risk in the future, and they will likely say hiring and retaining a skilled workforce."

Howard Elias (President, Services and Digital, Dell Technologies) says businesses must look to untapped pools of talent to address the shortage in digital skills.

"It's an urgent business challenge that is getting more urgent every day. And it requires a new way of thinking about finding, keeping and evolving talent for the workforce of the future."

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Talent Acquisition - The Battle For Tomorrow (PDF)

Recruitment has always been a battleground of sorts. Three issues combine to make it evermore so:

  • Scarcity - the ever-increasing difficulty and, indeed, frustration of uncovering talent.
  • Talent acquisition is part of a wider talent management system and if the other elements in the system (e.g., leadership development, coaching, performance management, a culture that supports team effectiveness) are poorly thought through, excellence in the actual hiring process is quickly lost.
  • In a world unfolding faster than it ever has in human history, recruitment is, and must be, strategic.

Discover how to make talent acquisition a competitive advantage.

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Change Is The New Superpower: How To Increase Your Company's Metabolic Rate For Change

There is one fact of life that is impossible to ignore - tomorrow will be (very) different. More specifically, the rate of change is getting faster - and about to get much faster. Culture plays a key role in change no matter the degree of change envisaged. Tomorrow's successful leader will be someone who can slalom through the white water of unanticipated disruption and culture change.

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