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Social Media and Hyper Connectivity


Today, everything has changed. Fifteen to twenty years ago, we used to think about connection very differently than we do today. The concept of social media was a topic for daydreams, not reality. The... Read »

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    How can leaders translate the complexity of strategy into guidelines that are simple and flexible enough to execute? Rather than trying to boil the strategy down to a pithy statement, it’s better to develop a small set of priorities that everyone gets behind to produce results.

    Turning Strategy Into Results

    Donald Sull, Stefano Turconi, Charles Sull, James Yoder on MIT Sloan Management Review

    Strategy Planning Results Strategy, at its heart, is about choice. Few companies succeed by making a single big bet. Most winning strategies are based on a bundle of choices about, among other things... Read »

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    The Foundation for Young Australians follows the progression of young people over time across Australia, running a survey from age 15 every year for 10 years until age 25.

    Preparing young people for the new work reality

    on Foundation for Young Australians

    Following the journeys of 14,000 young people over a decade, the New Work Reality report reveals the factors that accelerate the transition to full-time work, including the skills, mindset and confide... Read »

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    The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) conference is a forum for research into the scientific study of work. Evan Sinar examines 712 presentations from SIOP conferences over the period 2008-2018 to analyse, interpret, and extrapolate future-of-work implications.

    11 Years, 9,712 Presentations: A Visual Analysis of SIOP Conferences Shows Key Workplace Trends and Futures

    Evan Sinar on LinkedIn

    The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) conference is the most prolific annual forum for research and data-driven practical recommendations emerging from the scientific study o... Read »

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    Melissa Daimler takes a look at organisational behaviours, systems, and practices, to help repair a flagging culture.

    Why Great Employees Leave "Great Cultures"

    Melissa Daimler on Harvard Business Review

    Culture is often referred to as "the way things are done around here." But to be useful, we need to get more specific than that. I've been working in HR for over twenty years, and the best companies I... Read »

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    Brands are ditching CVs to find new ways of discovering diverse talent

    Charlotte Rogers on Marketing Week

    As the world of work evolves, brands are ditching old fashioned CVs in favour of highly digital, behaviour-focused strategies for attracting diverse talent. As the workplace environment evolves and so... Read »

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