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New Executives Realize Productivity Goes Beyond the Bottom Line »

What does is take to be a 'TOP' performer? Human capital expert John Burdett defines 'TOP' as a 'Tested Outstanding Performer'. To be a 'TOP' performer, issues of integrity and business ethics become far more important than a job, even a CEO title. Here is some useful advice from Chris Swan on becoming a 'TOP' performer.

New Executives Realize Productivity Goes Beyond the Bottom Line »

The special combination of talent and effort (some might prefer to call the latter grit, or hustle or 'heart') is what makes perennial all-stars, and propels some to hall-of-fame recognition.


A question top executives should be asking is,

"Why do my best people stay?"

What does it take to keep the best employees engaged, enthused about the work, their individual status in the organisation, and the positive WHY of the organisation?

We may all have our personal opinions and guesses about why people stay, but the best source of that information is the employees themselves.


True leaders are continually listening and learning about their organisations, their customers and their people. They haven't lost their humility, or their sense that they've not created all the success they've realised by themselves.


In a world of uncertainty the only thing that is predictable is that your strategy will be "subject to correction." Long after the strategy has been shredded, what will endure is the culture. The new reality - culture enables strategy.

John Burdett, Leadership adviser to TRANSEARCH International


The 7 Questions Every CEO Should Ask About Culture » (PDF)

For a great organisation, culture isn't an abstract or vague concept … it's real … it speaks to people. It's not a competitive advantage … it's a competitive imperative.

To survive is to adapt. "Are you managing your culture?" If any of the seven questions that follow receives a negative response, the answer is, almost certainly, "not so much."

The 7 Questions Every CEO Should Ask About Culture »