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It's All About Culture

Geoff Slade on TRANSEARCH International Australia

The future ain’t what it used to be. Continued globalisation, wide-scale disruption, uncertainty, exponential change in technology and a new generation joining the workforce are changing how busines... Read »

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    James Cassidy explains the importance of the talent acquisition process in terms of ensuring cultural fit. James applies his own experiences working for Samsung, and the efforts he spent on employee relations and retention; in particular in a Senior HR managerial role in Recruitment and Retention of foreign employees. A thoroughly fascinating read.

    Assessing Cultural Fit at Samsung

    James Cassidy on LinkedIn

    I can still remember speaking with a Korean friend after finishing an arduous panel interview at Samsung in the Summer of 1995. I had been attending a Korean language summer program at Yonsei Universi... Read »

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    Bill Sakellaris, Managing Director of TRANSEARCH International, reviews The A-Z of Organizational Culture Executive Seminar Series presented by international speaker Dr John O. Burdett. 120 CEOs, HRDs and other executives participated in seminars about organisational culture.

    "Strategy is a bicycle, culture is a bus" - John Burdett Australian Tour Review

    Bill Sakellaris on TRANSEARCH International Australia

    TRANSEARCH International Australia recently hosted a range of senior leaders at The A-Z of Organization Culture, presented by international speaker Dr John O. Burdett. Read »

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    Richard Farnell explains why we must demonstrate our commitment to diversity, and the culture we end up building, by deliberately mentoring people who aren’t like us.

    Mentor People Who Aren't Like You

    Richard Farnell on Harvard Business Review

    Leaders tend to coach and mentor their “own,” and here’s the human impulse that drives it: Even those who believe that diversity improves creativity, problem solving, and decision making natural... Read »

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    We regularly run workshops and seminars on company culture, talent attraction & retention, leadership competencies as well as team dynamic. As Senior HR practitioner, Operations Executive or Managing Director of a mid to large size company, these workshops are for you.

    What are your Why do you stay factors? Interested by a workshop on retention?

    Sebastien Cobut on LinkedIn

    The exit of baby-boomers, the serious shortage of top talent generally and a new generation of employees entering the workforce makes retention a business (and financial) imperative. Read »

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    Corporate Culture Dictates the Success or Failure of Digital Transformation

    Brian Solis on LinkedIn

    62 percent of employees consider culture as the number 1 hurdle to digital transformation. This is one of the many startling statistics uncovered in my latest culture research report with Jerome Buvat... Read »

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