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Don’t change your job because you’ve had a Christmas holiday epiphany

Henrik Brabrand on LinkedIn

Headhunters are generally quite busy after the holidays since executives have taken a well-deserved break to celebrate Christmas with their families - and to think. Read »

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    Exponential technological shifts are changing the job landscape forever. Continued disruption and uncertainty demand new thinking about organisation design. John Burdett highlights the leadership challenges and questions to consider to attract and retain top talent in an age of digital transformation. If It Can Be Digitalised, It Will Be Digitalised > PDF download

    If It Can Be Digitalised, It Will Be Digitalised

    John Burdett on TRANSEARCH International

    In case you missed it, we are "enjoying" the opening act of a social and cultural revolution; an inflection point so disruptive that the printing press, steam power and the discovery of oil come to mi... Read »

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    Darren Raycroft, a Partner with The Bedford Consulting Group Inc., shares his experience in helping first-time CEOs manage their first few critical months in a new role.

    Keys to success in your first CEO role

    Darren Raycroft on LinkedIn

    Change is and will continue to be the order of the day in todays business climate, and that can be intimidating for a first-time CEO. Any time a new chief executive is appointed - be they an internal ... Read »

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    Useful insight from Mike Morrow, Managing Director at TRANSEARCH, on the excellent opportunities for career growth within manufacturing.

    Opportunities for a modern workforce

    Mike Morrow on Association for Manufacturing Excellence

    Parents are eager to see their kids settle into “good jobs,” those that invite fulfillment, job security and financial independence. Many families find themselves struggling, though, with the proh... Read »

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    Digital transformation requires senior leaders and board directors that can develop a clear digital strategy and address the talent, operational and cultural changes to elevate their business. To fill these positions, the traditional model of selecting candidates on core competences is not enough.

    From direct experience as a senior management headhunter, Paola Maria Caburlotto highlights the importance of new agile leadership recruitment approaches to finding the right candidates.

    Recruiting the Right People to Lead Innovation

    Paola Maria Caburlotto on LinkedIn

    The digital technology revolution is changing the way we work and do business in many ways, but as a head hunter, one significant thing I notice every day is the way the need for talents is shifting d... Read »

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    This case study highlights how TRANSEARCH helped shape and align organisational cultures across diversified component companies, and found a General Manager with the level of experience and credibility in the finance markets capable of pushing the kind of innovation and cultural transformation required to achieve the group’s exciting new business plan.

    Developing a New Business Identity

    on TRANSEARCH International

    Following the sale of its premier brand serving micro finance markets across Latin America, the legacy portfolio of companies that constituted a diversified investment group required a new business id... Read »

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