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“The biggest misconception about innovation is that it’s about ideas. It’s not. It’s about solving problems. So the first step to building an innovative team is to hire people interested in the problems you need to solve. If there is a true commitment to a shared mission, the ideas will come.”
– Greg Satell on Harvard Business Review

4 Ways to Build an Innovative Team

Greg Satell on Harvard Business Review

One of the most common questions I get asked by senior managers is “How can we find more innovative people?” I know the type they have in mind — someone energetic and dynamic, full of ideas and ... Read »

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    Change is not without risk

    Di Gillett on TRANSEARCH International Australia

    Having just celebrated Australia Day, and being married to an Australia Day Ambassador whose parents landed at Station Pier in Melbourne in the late 1940s, I am reminded that being brave, adventurous ... Read »

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    “The actions of leaders are a key driver of employee engagement, but leaders are often surprised to know just how much of an impact they have. Significantly, what they don’t say or do, speaks as loudly as their visible actions.”

    The role of leaders in internal communication

    Megan Thomas on LinkedIn

    While a leader’s presence in the market is likely to be quite evident, the way they communicate internally with their people will not usually be on display. So, if you are an internal comms professi... Read »

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    Some of the most important lessons are often revealed where we might least expect it, and often in the words of people who’ve walked distinctly different paths than our own up the corporate ladder.

    Working For Your Resume Or Your Eulogy

    on TRANSEARCH International

    Sometimes, if you listen intently enough, some of the most powerful lessons of your executive leadership career can come from some of the most unexpected places. Too often, it seems, global executives... Read »

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    Henrik Brabrand presents a simple plan to help you obtain a better understanding of yourself, identify your drivers and goals and create a new and more rewarding future.

    Build Your Executive Life Plan

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    Most people - including executives at all levels - do not have a plan for their lives, and some even drift along and just let life happen to them. They may plan their careers or major projects like re... Read »

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    There is a talent and performance multiplier premium for organisations that build their culture and leadership team around exceptionally talented and committed leaders. Here are a few pointers on how to re-energise a leadership team for maximum impact.

    Tips For Re-energising Your Leadership Team

    Jack McGuinness on Chief Executive

    All leadership teams have the opportunity to serve as force multipliers for their organizations where the team’s impact goes far beyond the contributions of individual team members. Leadership teams... Read »

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