New Role: New Need to Build Trust

September 19, 2023

by John O. Burdett

The Trust Imperative

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of corporate environments, leaders are often appointed with a clear mandate: to create strategic value, solve problems, shape organisational culture, and provide guidance.

However, these responsibilities are closely intertwined with a critical factor that can make or break leadership – trust. Trust is the glue that holds teams and organisations together, and it’s an indispensable element for a leader to command the support and loyalty of their colleagues.

Trust: The Cornerstone of Effective Leadership

In the world of leadership, trust is the currency of success. It is not a mere option but an essential component for leaders to thrive. When leaders act with authenticity, humility, honesty, vulnerability, and transparent communication, they lay the groundwork for trust to flourish.

Trust is not just a quality that leaders should aspire to; it is a mandate for those who wish to inspire, motivate, and lead their teams to greatness. In essence, building trust is not an optional element to leadership; it is leadership.

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John O. Burdett is founder of Orxestra® Inc. He has extensive international experience as a senior executive. As a consultant he has worked in more than 40 countries for organisations that are household names. John has worked on organisation culture for some of the world's largest organisations. His ongoing partnership with TRANSEARCH International means that his thought leading intellectual property, in any one year, supports talent management in many hundreds of organisations around the world. Get in touch with John O. Burdett »

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