COURAGE: Mental Strength, Tenacity and Perseverance (PDF)

As you think about these troubled times, we would ask you to reflect on the language of leadership. In particular, a word that is currently very much on our mind… COURAGE.

As we dig deeper, the following leadership themes demand a level of comfort with being uncomfortable beyond anything previously asked of us:

  • Curiosity beyond simply a keen interest in your surroundings.
  • Organise the business with tomorrow in mind.
  • Understand what keeps top talent.
  • Resilience by learning and growing from experience.
  • Accept that creating tomorrow's customer is the very heartbeat of ongoing success.
  • Get fast or get out of the way.
  • Engage the heart and enrich the spirit.

Insights from "COURAGE: Mental Strength, Tenacity and Perseverance" by John O. Burdett. Download your copy today

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