5 Questions Leaders Should Ask About Their Teams

'The team' is a basic and fundamental blueprint for organisational and personal success. As a leader, ask yourself the following 5 questions about your teams:

  1. Do you regularly measure team performance and, as a result, address where and how to take the team to the next level?

    What you don't measure, you can't manage. 'Team performance' means not just 'results', but how team members work with, support, collaborate and coach each other?
  1. Is 'team fit' a critical dimension of the hiring process?

    All (as in all) talent acquisition is strategic. This implies: 1) measuring both the culture you have and the culture you need in the future; and 2) access to the tools/capability needed to assess team fit. The major reason a newly hired leader fails is either: 1) they cannot adapt to the emerging culture; and/or 2) they aren't fully integrated into the team.
  1. Does the team truly reflect diversity?

    Diversity supports innovation. And not just racial, gender and/or socioeconomic differences but representing a blend of cognitive diversity. If the majority of those on the team 'think' and approach problems in the same way, you have stripped the team of a key competitive advantage.
  1. When someone new joins the team is a mentor appointed from within the team?

    If they don't land, they won't stay! Is it recognised that whenever a new team member is added, in many senses, a 'new' team is formed? The implications for remote working and the need, as a result, to revisit 'what is a team?' are no less profound.
  1. Have team members been fully trained to coach each other? Do they?

    How people learn is invariably more important than what they learn. Recognising that as the team leader you work for the team, is 'coaching mastery' how team members describe your commitment to their success?

Insights from (PDF) "Great Organisations Are Built Around Great Teams", Orxestra Inc., © 2021.

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