Successful Transformation Requires A Holistic Roadmap

TRANSEARCH survey concludes that successful transformation requires a holistic roadmap, the alignment of purpose, tools and clear rules.


  • The relation to existing customers did not suffer during lockdown.
  • Fewer costs and expenses (e.g., travel, fairs, etc.).
  • Processes worked smoothly during lock-down.
  • Remote processes drove efficiency .


  • Companies will continue their transformation and optimisation processes. Dealing with permanent changes will be the "new normal".
  • Corporate resilience will be the new buzzword.
  • Digitalisation opens up new potential for efficiency improvement and allows easy access to new entrants. Mediocrity will be punished by a click.
  • Freed-up budget needs to be reinvested in value-add areas.
  • Communication, transformation and digital skills will become scarce resources. Online co-working will require stricter rules for achieving better results.

Recommendations for action

  • Think from the client's perspective and adjust all activities and projects accordingly.
  • Make the client successful instead of just providing a service - or you are out of business.
  • Strengthen digital sales, transformation/change projects and digitalisation roles.
  • Focus on executive and talent development and select the right people for system-critical positions to adapt to the "new normal".

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