The "New Normal" Requires A Strong Focus On Corporate Culture And Communication

A recent TRANSEARCH survey among C-Level leaders highlighted that adapting to the "new normal" requires a strong focus on corporate culture and communication.


  • Onboarding and team building is one of the crucial items.
  • Corporate culture is key to installing an open-minded, motivated, healthy, culture despite restrictions.
  • Corporate culture is the key to differentiation in the market.
  • Benefit by cross-functional communication across hierarchies.


  • Values of people are changing.
  • Focusing on the corporate culture is essential.
  • Companies need to establish their own corporate culture, communicate it, and get their employees excited about it.
  • Appreciation and open communication are key for establishing a new culture based on trust and responsibility.
  • In a remote structure effectiveness overrules efficiency.

Recommendations for action:

  • Select the best people and empower them.
  • Support the "entrepreneur in the enterprise" mindset.
  • Focus on trust and transparency to keep your staff energised and their team spirit high.
  • Support cross-functional communication across hierarchies.

TRANSEARCH provides a platform to its network of C-Level leaders for discussions on how to come out of the crisis stronger. For further information about the survey or discussion platform please get in touch with Dr. Carlo Mackrodt or Dr. Stefan Schwaenzl.

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