Six Key Challenges Identified By C-Level Leaders

A recent TRANSEARCH survey among C-Level leaders regarding their experiences and priorities in a shift to the "new normal" identified six key challenges:

  1. Improving organisational agility and flexibility is seen as the major challenge during and after the pandemic.
  2. Keeping up motivation, engagement & team spirit as well as inspiring trust are most critical for high efficiency.
  3. Major HR challenges are to maintain efficiency despite remote work and to find top talents for transforming the company.
  4. The current situation requires a strong focus on change processes, entrepreneurial spirit and emotional intelligence.
  5. Companies most urgently need digitalisation experts, transformation managers and digital marketing experts.
  6. Keeping sales performance & service levels high and the supply chain running are the major operative challenges.

TRANSEARCH provides a platform to its network of C-Level leaders for discussions on how to come out of the crisis stronger. For further information about the survey or discussion platform please get in touch with Dr. Carlo Mackrodt or Dr. Stefan Schwaenzl.

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