Ten C-Level Learnings During The Current Crisis

TRANSEARCH International organised a number of C-Level roundtable sessions and conducted personal interviews to facilitate peer-to-peer dialogue regarding their experiences and priorities in an environment of the "new normal". Here are "Ten C-Level Learnings During The Current Crisis":

General Business Impact Of The Coronavirus

  1. Culture will be the future game changer.
  2. Innovations leading to higher customer benefit are key.

Impact On Operations

  1. Leaders have to spend more time communicating with employees.
  2. The focus needs to be on team building and professional onboarding.

Impact On Processes

  1. Transparent KPIs will be more important than ever.
  2. New ways for cross-fertilisation and innovation need to be found.

Impact On Organisational Structures

  1. Organisational structures will change from hierarchies to networks.
  2. Roles will be defined by content and contribution instead of formal hierarchy levels.

Impact On Human Resources

  1. Values and expectations regarding leadership are changing.
  2. Strategic HR management will be a key enabler and needs to be positioned at C-Level.

TRANSEARCH provides a platform to its network of C-Level leaders for discussions on how to come out of the crisis stronger. For further information please get in touch with Dr. Carlo Mackrodt or Dr. Stefan Schwaenzl.

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