Agility is a Way to Think

Organisation agility isn't something that is "nice to have". It's about survival. The problem? Culture is a system and like any system only as strong as its weakest part. You can't sprinkle agility on the organisation. You can't add agility piecemeal.

Agility has to be embedded into every aspect of the organisation's culture. Be it - scenario planning or systems; the brand or the behavioural interview; shared values or structure; problem solving or process; diversity or dialogue; compensation or competencies; mindset or measurement; talent management or trust; learning or leadership - "agility" must be a fundamental building block in the organisation's DNA.

From working on organisation culture, it's clear that the majority of organisations are far less agile than the emerging business environment demands. And that shortfall will become an ever more limiting feature of competitiveness. The question becomes "Where to start?"

Agility has to be integral to the organisation's design. It has to be evident in the organisation's value proposition. It has to be built into the value chain and be apparent in every sales and/or service interface with the customer. It's a process. It's a way to act. More than anything else, however, agility is a way to think. It's a mindset. As such, without "leadership" you still ain't got much. Not the leadership that got us here - but a way to be that exudes, encompasses, encourages, and expresses agility in everything the leader does.

Insights from "Leadership: Moving Beyond The Crisis".

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