Outstanding Leaders Focus On Culture

Outstanding leaders focus on culture because they understand that what they do today determines whether or not the business will win tomorrow. From a leadership perspective we are describing two essential, twenty-first century leadership competencies:

* Cultural Reach - the ability to work successfully in very different cultures on the same day; the capacity to introduce, as needed, a range of strategic scenarios, structures, processes, measurement tools, leadership approaches and team interventions.

* Culture Savvy - the ability to take people places they otherwise would not go; recognising that culture is managed from the outside-in but demands leadership from the inside-out; providing structure and guidance into how to have the culture conversation; become a storyteller; working diligently to uncover (global) best practice to improve it.

We used to talk about management being about the "hard stuff" (a focus on results) and the "soft stuff" (everything to do with people). Well, we have entered an era where the soft stuff is now the hard stuff.

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