Why Boards and CEOs Need to Elevate AI Governance

AI is growing at a pace of 30-45% per annum and has become a $126 billion industry in less than 5 years.

Companies across all sectors will either make it or get left behind if they don't invest in AI and develop a robust AI strategy, governance operating process and build successful AI implementations demonstrating an ROI.

Adoption rates are currently low at 17-30%. Major contributors to low adoption are lack of Executive knowledge of what AI is and how to advance it with value outcomes, shortage and expensive AI skills and talent, designing and deploying successful use cases and sustaining operating practices, with governance rigour.

The webinar summary "Why Boards and CEOs Need to Elevate AI Governance to Manage Risk & Accelerate AI Adoption" by Howard Pezim covers:

  • Risks
  • How to build a user's trust in AI
  • How to establish a trusted AI governance and control framework
  • AI risk management practices

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