The Leadership Weave

Unfolding seasons

Nature's plan lies not within any single season but in its unfolding unity. Each season is a special time, but it is the whole that yields nature's wealth. So it is with leadership. Leadership that defines the mission is of the head (winter). Leadership that generates movement is of the hand (spring). Leadership that builds through mastery must touch people's hearts (summer). Leadership that provides meaning has to encompass the spirit (autumn).

Only when all of the seasons are "full," only when each unfolds one unto another can leadership bring about a transformation. Only when the leadership weave is complete can leadership be the difference that makes a difference. For people to give of themselves they need to feel that to change is to step into the light. For people to be deeply committed, they have to believe that the journey they are being asked to take is one that has personal meaning.

Leadership balance

What people are yearning for are leaders who can not only address the head and deliver the hand, but also engage the heart and enrich the spirit. There is overwhelming evidence to support the contention that many of us are well versed in the head and hand. None of us can become masterful leaders, however, until we complete the weave.

In today's turbulent times we believe strongly that to lead is to employ the head; empower the hand; engage the heart; and enrich the spirit. This "leadership balance" - be it found coaching a CEO, our on-line 360° feedback instrument, designing a culture intervention or developing role-specific leadership competences - is central to the Orxestra® experience. Discover the Orxestra® Methodology and get in touch with a consultant to discuss how we can help you find tomorrow's leaders today.

Insights from the book 'New Role, New Reality' by John Burdett, © 2003. A book extract is available from the Orxestra® Methodology page in which John describes the Head, Hand, Heart, Spirit Leadership Model.

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