The Interview - Making Talent Acquisition a Competitive Advantage

Interview mastery essentials

The vast majority of those who hold down leadership roles have only a rudimentary understanding of how to interview. If you don't believe me ask your key executives when they last received interview training! Without instruction, guidance and feedback, doing something often doesn't necessarily make you better at it. And what we learn from doing it wrong … is how to get better at doing it wrong. The irony is that many candidates are now far better prepared for the interview than the time-stretched hiring manager.

Where interview mastery is missing (there is nothing more important to team success than who is hired!), the fallback position is that the position goes to the candidate with the best résumé. Unfortunately, all too often, who/what turns up to start work on Monday isn't a great candidate … it's an empty suit. For every hour inappropriately stripped out of the hiring process expect to spend at least 100 hours attempting to "fix" a candidate identified in haste. That such efforts invariably fail only adds to the frustration.

The interview is both a science and an art

The push to make "fit" increasingly a game of numbers is inevitable. It's a mistake, however, to dilute the role intuition and judgement play. The interview as a science is manifest in the evidence-based interview™. This draws on the widely accepted assumption that past performance is the best guide to future success.

The interview as an art explores 4Cs:

  • Character - response to the unexpected … resilience.
  • Chemistry - fit/adjustment with the team in mind.
  • Congruency - does the candidate's body language, attitude and overall approach match his/her story?
  • Compatibility - does the candidate's speed of learning complement the speed of change in the marketplace?

Interactive software, leveraging big numbers and evermore scientific approaches to fit are both meaningful and inevitable. Conversely, overriding 150,000 years of social evolution is to ignore behavioural filters that, in an unpredictable world, are more important than ever.

Insights by John Burdett. Orxestra Inc., © 2019.

Insights from "Talent Acquisition - The Battle For Tomorrow".

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