The Culture Conversation - 3. Why Culture Now?

The following is an edited transcript of part 3 of "The Culture Conversation" webinar by John Burdett. Read Part 2 of The Culture Conversation.

Organisations will obviously address the issue of speed through technology. And there is a whole lot of new technology coming out and emerging. In fact, if you remember 4 or 5 years ago, the newspapers and the business magazines were full of the notion that by now, by 2020, whole swathes of manufacturing and service jobs would be replaced by digitalised platforms … artificial intelligence, cobots, robots, etc.

The greatest challenge isn't access to technology, it's implementation. There is lots of technology, it's implementing that has become the problem. And what we need to do, what we are trying to do today in many instances is we are trying to force fit 21st century technology into a 20th century organisation. As a metaphor, in terms of organisation design, it is like trying to attach a rocket to a bicycle.

The culture challenge … why culture now? We literally have to 'rewire', at least in people's minds, the organisation to take advantage of emerging technology. We need to think entirely differently about organisation design.

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