4 Ways We Might Draw Momentum From The Current Crisis

This is a time of change, an opportunity for growth. Here is how we might use the momentum to better ourselves and our work:

  1. Redefining ourselves - The chance to look inward, to ask ourselves hard questions, to reflect on our personal beliefs about equity and justice. The companies we lead and elevate with talent should be companies we are proud to represent.
  2. Embracing flexibility - If our culture is well constructed, it will travel with our employees. A culture that is flexible and incorporates remote work is a positive option. It demonstrates open and evolved thinking when it comes to employer branding.
  3. Better understanding ourselves as employees - Embracing digital innovation and adapting to a remote culture has a range of benefits. If employees feel more comfortable and have more flexibility in their work, perhaps their chance of thriving is greater.
  4. Creating better culture - 2020 has been a deconstructive year. It is uncomfortable but presents a chance to recalibrate and rebuild. How we use this experience will propel our culture into 2021.

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