A crisis demands, more than ever, that to be a successful leader is to...

A crisis demands, more than ever, that to be a successful leader is to:

  • Employ the head - Essential short-term actions must not take away from the compelling need to formulate the data/information and strategic insight demanded to put the business back on course as quickly as possible.
  • Empower the hand - To fully acknowledge the scope and impact of the crisis, craft a caring and meaningful response, act decisively, recognise the organisation's role as part of a wider community… and do so at lightning speed.
  • Engage the heart - Investments in teams and cross-organisation collaboration pays off. People, regardless of level, unite behind a common purpose. The support for working remotely builds on and further develops knowing that you are part of something special. No one gets left behind.
  • Enrich the spirit - Put empathy front and centre of everything the organisation does and communicates. People need to be able to see the first glimmering light of an early dawn.

Insights from "Are You The LEADER They NEED?" (PDF) by John O. Burdett, Leadership advisor to TRANSEARCH International.

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