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Beyond Collaboration: "Co-tangle" (PDF)

Cooperation is indispensable, collaboration is essential but in reinventing the very nature of what it means to be an organisation - as we must - there is a case to be made to add a new metaphor to our vocabulary. It's tough to achieve something that you don't have a word for.

Entanglement is an intriguing metaphor. It captures, in some ways, the new challenge of smart and unbridled connectability … of one element in the system impacting other parts of the system without those involved fully understanding how. Except, as a term, it is way too esoteric, way too bizarre to have any real currency.

John Burdett suggests an alternative, one that builds on the notion of entanglement but without the unfathomable implications. To Cooperate … To Collaborate … To 'Co-tangle'.

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