New Executives Realise Productivity Goes Beyond the Bottom Line

March 20, 2019

by Chris Swan

To be a ‘TOP’ performer, issues of integrity and business ethics become far more important than a job, even a CEO title.

After landing a new executive-level position, it’s time to think about the best strategy for getting the work done. Joining an organisation is a critical time to assess and be assessed.

Here is some useful advice:

What do we mean by “TOP”?

Human capital expert John O. Burdett defines it as a “Tested Outstanding Performer.” Consequently, all potential candidates should be considered for the arc of their career: where have they been, what impact have they had, are they leaving a legacy or were they simply an empty suit.

TOP candidates understand career trajectory; one failure is not a tragedy but it is better to avoid the situation whenever possible. Making good, clear decisive decisions about your fit with an organisation, personal candour and willingness to take risks. An individual is making a clear statement about their fitness to lead and make the right business decisions for their company.

Without question, there are times when a TOP leader must put their position on the line. Issues of integrity and business ethics are far more important than a job, even a CEO job, and it’s in these instances when TOP leaders are tested. Senior candidates in transition have been able to tell this story with confidence.

Telling your story

Leaders must think about their stories. Their stories should demonstrate their strengths and minimise or mitigate their perceived weaknesses. Stories must be interesting, honest and pointed. Telling your story makes you human and helps build connections.

Hiring managers are looking for fit and the greatest performance. Everyone recognises that the most promising leaders are typically in roles that offer the greatest opportunities for success, but that doesn’t mean that the most promising end up with the most success.

Delivering success for employers and their customers also requires politeness, friendliness, courtesy and a positive or enthusiastic mindset. Finding all of these traits in significant amounts is rare. Finding leaders who can also focus on the goal, get others to deliver their best work and build a collaborative environment is the definition of TOP.

The best leaders

So how does a leader avoid distractions, play nice with others, accomplish objectives and promote their success, while staying friendly, approachable and forever positive? The best leaders:

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Chris Swan is a Managing Director with TRANSEARCH International, co-founder of the Chicago office, and Global Practice Leader for Design, Construction, Technology and Environmental. He is a top executive search professional in the area of general contracting, environmental consulting, systems integration, cyber-security, digitisation, and new technologies. Firms value Chris' advice because of his understanding of the markets and what it takes to succeed in business. He attracts candidates when others cannot. Get in touch with Chris Swan »

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