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The 5-Step Leadership Safety Course

Scott Mabry on Soul To Work

I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 20 years. Before I purchased my first bike, I participated in a motorcycle safety course. Something I would recommend everyone to do before hitting the streets. Read »

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    An effective organisational culture can be a lasting source of competitive advantage. Steven Pezim, presents a 3-step action plan for evolving CEOs founded on a strong understanding of how culture enables strategy.

    A 3-Step Action Plan For Evolving CEOs

    Steven Pezim on LinkedIn

    Creating a winning culture will call on a very different type of skill set than is traditionally called upon by a CEO. You need the capacity to listen, empathy, and compassion to grasp the nuances of ... Read »

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    Call out for a call back!

    Kelly Stubbs on The Slade Report

    Something I learned a number of years ago... always follow through with what you say you are going to do in business. Close out the deal, finish the process, you get the drift. If you say you are go... Read »

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    Is it important to you where you work? Roman Molek, Managing Partner at TRANSEARCH International, highlights the impact corporate culture has on each of us (in Czech).

    Is it important to you where you work?

    Roman Molek on ZaP Web

    Je pro vás důležité, kde pracujete? Jsem si jistý, že ano. V práci trávíme většinu svého života a spokojenost nebo nespokojenost se svou prací výrazně ovlivňuje, zda se cítíme šťa... Read »

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    Laurie Serafini discusses health and wellbeing in the workplace, and specifically how it is a top issue facing sports stars where their successes and failures are played out on an open stage for everyone to see.

    The agony and the ecstasy

    Laurie Serafini on The Slade Report

    It’s the last week in September – one of the most eagerly awaited weeks in the Australian sports calendar… AFL finals fever is palpable! Recently Slade Group and the Interchange Bench were fortu... Read »

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    What do leaders need to do to keep up with the velocity of change and position the organisation for long-term growth? Hank Prybylski suggests 4 things to keep in mind.

    Is Your C-Suite Equipped To Lead In The Transformative Age?

    Hank Prybylski on Forbes

    Many C-suites will struggle to lead in the Transformative Age. To be clear, it's not for a lack of the usual leadership skills - passion, humility, empathy, etc. that C-suites aren’t equipped to lea... Read »

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