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Hiring the Right Person: 5 Quick Tips


Most leaders like to think they have the hiring process wired – define the need, reach out to your network, interview three candidates and hire the best one. Honestly, we wish it could always be tha... Read »

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    “The actions of leaders are a key driver of employee engagement, but leaders are often surprised to know just how much of an impact they have. Significantly, what they don’t say or do, speaks as loudly as their visible actions.”

    The role of leaders in internal communication

    Megan Thomas on LinkedIn

    While a leader’s presence in the market is likely to be quite evident, the way they communicate internally with their people will not usually be on display. So, if you are an internal comms professi... Read »

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    “As digital tightens its grip on business models, new ways of working and organisational practices are migrating from the tech world into the wider business community as it undergoes the often fraught process of digital transformation. Enter the chief product officer, the executive charged with making sure it all runs smoothly.”

    The Rising Influence Of The Chief Product Officer

    Tess Bennett on Which-50

    Answering to the CEO, the CPO typically has a broad purview at the intersection of tech, user and business requirements. Read »

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    What do we do when someone comes to the team? How far does it rest on those who arrive? Should you adopt a traditional way of incorporating talent, or consider a more disruptive practice? Carlos Cortés provides questions and tips to aid the integration of new talent into your organisation. (in Spanish)


    Carlos Cortés on LinkedIn

    What do we do when someone comes to the team? How far does it rest on those who arrive? Read »

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    Henrik Brabrand presents a simple plan to help you obtain a better understanding of yourself, identify your drivers and goals and create a new and more rewarding future.

    Build Your Executive Life Plan

    Henrik Brabrand on LinkedIn

    Most people - including executives at all levels - do not have a plan for their lives, and some even drift along and just let life happen to them. They may plan their careers or major projects like re... Read »

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    Experience is a gift for those who choose to learn from it, and those who learn how they must adapt in order to recognise how different situations, resources and people fit the current day and potential for tomorrow. Yet experience can also cut the wrong way when an executive leader uses experience as a default setting to stifle new ideas and extinguish the flames of innovation that may seem strange, unachievable or simply unfamiliar.

    Experience Can Be A Restrictive Default Setting

    on TRANSEARCH International

    Most global executives are promoted or recruited into new leadership roles because of the education they completed, the experience they gained and the insights they bring to new business opportunities... Read »

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