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8 Powerful Ways to Lead From the Heart

Scott Mautz on

Ever experience this? Your working environment is heavy with strategy, plans, and activity (maybe too much activity, too few choices). Lots of analysis, plenty of goals, frequent task forces. Many pre... Read »

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    Permanent, disruptive and radical changes in many industries require us to ask ourselves about the skills, competences and knowledge we need to acquire to ensure our employability in the future. Cristian Duarte, Managing Partner TRANSEARCH Chile, highlights the importance of having a coach to help improve performance or discover new paths of growth (in Spanish).

    TO BE OR NOT TO BE....coached?

    Cristian Duarte on LinkedIn

    Today more than ever we can speak of a permanent, disruptive and radical change in many industries and activities. We talk about professions, sectors and even industries that will change radically if ... Read »

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    No one is perfect. Gwen Moran identifies common leadership blind spots and offers guidance on figuring out what your own blind spots are.

    Blind Spots That Plague Even The Best Leaders

    Gwen Moran on Fast Company

    There’s a mythology around great leaders. They’re visionary. They’re inspirational. They seem to know what their organizations and teams need intuitively. But make no mistake: No one is perfect ... Read »

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    Kelly Camilleri highlights key differentiators of using retained executive search firms to recruit executive talent.

    Nowadays, flattery will get you nowhere

    Kelly Camilleri on The Slade Report

    How the pendulum has swung! Just ten years ago when making approaches to potential candidates by phone, I could virtually hear their flattered voices. In 2018 those potential candidates are fielding c... Read »

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    Sourav Ganguly applies lessons learned from leading world class cricketers to develop his template for leadership success. Sourav is a former captain of the Indian national cricket team and currently President of the Cricket Association of Bengal.

    Leadership is an amazing disease. It either cures you or kills you: Sourav Ganguly

    Sourav Ganguly on The Economic Times

    When I first became captain of the Indian cricket team in 2000, many well-wishers and journalist friends gifted me the classic Mike Brearley book, The Art of Captaincy. I mean no disrespect to the boo... Read »

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    Executives in a growing number of industry spaces are beginning to ask many ‘What if?’ sorts of question. The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) highlights key points from the article ‘Staying Ahead of Disruptive Business Models’ by TRANSEARCH.

    TRANSEARCH: Staying Ahead Of Disruptive Business Models

    on Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants

    An article posted by TRANSEARCH discusses how executives can stay ahead of business models such as new technology and new business competitors, which are as disruptive as they are ambitious. More indu... Read »

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